Films for IMAX and giant-screen theatres are designed to educate and enlighten as much as they are to entertain. They present new knowledge in a powerful, popular medium and inspire thoughtful, lively classroom discussion. America’s Musical Journey tells the story of the unique cultures that gathered together to innovate and create new forms of thought and music in America. Unique in its narrative power, this film challenges students to see the intersection between art, history, language, and science. Take your students on a field trip to see America’s Musical Journey, then use the activities in our Educator Guide to extend the learning experience into your classroom  Book your field trip today by contacting your local IMAX theatre for information about special group programs.


The Educator Guide developed to accompany the film empowers teachers to expand the integrated STEM learning experience into their classroom. The guide contains 10 humanities STEM lessons for Kindergarten through 8th grade. The lessons are designed to teach key language, social studies, and science standards using the STEM instructional techniques of experiential learning, investigative thinking, and model testing. The activities in the guide contain open ended MAKE prompts for students to design artifacts, make predictions, and evaluate decisions. Click here to download the educator guide. 

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