The Trail-Blazing Spirit of America’s Music

In America’s musical cities, every chord, every riff, every bang of a drum tells a story. In America’s Musical Journey these stories come together to create a soundtrack for the American experience—a soundtrack that showcases the nation’s diversity and its collision of cultures, culminating in a unique blend of sound, music and innovation unlike anywhere else in the world

About The Movie

Meet the Artists


An Original Song by Aloe Blacc – “My Story”

While traveling across the country filming America’s Musical Journey and meeting up with artists like Dr. John, Jon Batiste, Gloria & Emilio Estefan and many others, Aloe Blacc was inspired to write an original song, “My Story.” Aloe performs the song in the film at a concert on the National Mall in Washington DC.

“There’s something exciting that happens when different cultures come together as they have in America. One of the things that happens is incredible creativity.”

Louis Armstrong: Following the Footsteps of a Legend

In America’s Musical Journey, Aloe Blacc traces the footsteps of Louis Armstrong from New Orleans to Chicago and beyond, where his impact on jazz and other American musical forms was profound. Born at the turn of the century in New Orleans, a grandson of slaves, Louis Armstrong learned to play the cornet in a boy’s home. A creative prodigy from the start, Armstrong revolutionized jazz with his adventurous solos, bluesy phrasing and bold improvisational style, becoming one of the most influential musical icons of the 20th century.

Elvis Presley:
The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Elvis Presley is one of the most influential cultural forces of the 20th Century. In America’s Musical Journey, we visit the stops of his early music career, including Sun Studios in Memphis where Elvis recorded his first song in 1954, the Arcade Restaurant where he’d enjoy a milkshake after finishing a record and his home at Graceland. By the year 1956, Elvis had become an international sensation with his unique sound and style and ushered in a new era of American music.

Behind The Scenes

Filmmaker Credits

America’s Musical Journey is a MacGillivray Freeman Film produced in association with Brand USA and presented by Expedia.

Director: Greg MacGillivray
Producer: Shaun MacGillivray
Executive Producer: Tom Garzilli
Writer: Stephen Judson
Music By: Steve Wood
Editors: Stephen Judson, Jason Paul and Victoria McGinnis
Director of Cinematography: Brad Ohlund
Aerial Cinematographer: Ron Goodman
Production Manager: Meghan MacGillivray
Production Manager: Kathy Almon
Visual Effects: Alan Markowitz

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